Have you ever wondered what influence the way you package cosmetics can make on the sales effects? If you are certain that the most important thing about manufacturing cosmetics is the composition, lets rephrase it a bit. Of course, the ingredients are a huge part of the products success, but not the only one. Every manufacturer of cosmetics packaging must bear in mind that customers usually buy not only effective products, but convenient storage as well. So, why do you need the glass cosmetics packaging in your offer?

Is glass better than plastic?

It is for many reasons – not only the ecological considerations, but also utility ones. Firstly, glass is fully recyclable and easy to reuse. Its also a very durable and strong material, so the cosmetics will be protected from crashes. Furthermore, glass is really hygienic way to store cosmetics of every type – for the face, body, shower, and many more.

For your cosmetics, you can use a classic glass jar or put the formula into a bottle with an airless pump. Thanks to the variety of package shapes, its possible to fit them to every formula (and customer) need.

Glass packaging is also one of the best ways to store cosmetics when traveling. If you dont worry about the weight of the suitcase, this is the perfect and safe solution.

Do glass packaging for cosmetics even have cons?

The most important thing about considering glass packaging as a bad idea is its weight. It can be problematic not only while traveling with cosmetics (from the customers point of view), but also while distributing. It is confirmed that glass packaging, which is heavier than plastic ones, can make more carbon footprint during transport.

Also the fact that glass is a very strong fabric, doesnt mean that its unbreakable. If its thin, it can crash after the fall. Sometimes the glass isnt as hygienic as its wished to be – classic jars can make a bad influence on the formulas inside.

So, is it good to use glass packaging or not?

As every lawyer used to say, it depends. If you want durable, recyclable and aesthetic cosmetics packaging, go for it, use the glass. It looks more exclusive and luxurious, but can also give you a guarantee of quality. But to be honest, nothing stands in the way of using plastic and glass packaging at the same time. In the cosmetics business, diversity is very important – thanks to this you can respond to all customer needs.

So, to sum up, glass is one of the best ways to store cosmetics, but not the only one. Use it, when you need not only the durability of cosmetics formulas but also quality and appearance.

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